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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Patients Residing in South Broward County Who Suffer from Vascular Diseases Can Now be Treated at our Newest Center of Excellence for Minimally Invasive Endovascular Care
Dr. William Julien and South Florida Vascular Associates are proud to announce the opening of a new location in Plantation, Florida. Our new office is located at 201 Northwest 82nd Avenue, Suite 105, Plantation, Fl. 33324

Our physicians, William Julien, MD and Warren Swee, MD are board certified interventional radiologists who specialize in the treatment of vascular diseases using minimally invasive, endovascular procedures with imaging guidance. Minimally invasive techniques often replace the need for traditional open surgical procedures. They are generally easier for the patient because they involve no large incisions, less traumatic on the patient, less pain and shorter recovery times. Unlike vascular surgery, which treats vascular disease with open surgery, endovascular surgery is a branch of medicine that treats disease processes through the vascular system, using catheter-based image-guided techniques.

“We are pleased to offer our unique, comprehensive, endovascular services to the people of Plantation and the surrounding South Broward communities,” says Dr. Julien who is one of the first interventional radiology physicians in the country to have an office-based clinical practice. Typically, interventional radiologists see patients in the hospital at the time of surgery then after the procedure, the patients are returned to their referring physician.  Dr. Swee explains, “Our philosophy is to follow our patients from the time of diagnosis through treatment and follow-up to ensure that they receive optimal results”.  Drs. Julien and Swee perform 95% of their minimally invasive endovascular procedures in their office-based operating suites offering their patients the comfort and convenience of an office setting rather than a hospital.

“We look forward to working with our new patients and colleagues in South Broward community. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work together within the community to offer the best medical outcome for our patients”, said Dr. Warren Swee.

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About South Florida Vascular Associates
At South Florida Vascular Associates we provide expert vascular care using the most advanced technology possible. Dr. William Julien and Dr. Warren Swee place a strong emphasis on the importance of patient education offering their patients clear explanations of their diagnosis, treatment plan, and precisely what each patient should expect to experience. We provide our patients with detailed information of the plan of care and are always available to answer any questions. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff offers the best care to each and every patient.

Our state-of-the-Art Endovascular Suites are equipped with the newest devices to assist in performing minimally invasive procedures without the inconvenience of going to a hospital.

At South Florida Vascular Associates we pride ourselves as a Center for Excellence in patient care as the premier vascular experts in the community.

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Joe's Story: Critical Limb Ischemia



Joe Langer no longer takes walking for granted. “One day I was fine, the next my toes turned purple and I was in horrific pain. I developed open wounds on the bottom of my feet, gangrene set and I could barely walk. It happened very fast and the next thing I knew, I was facing amputation on both legs from the knees down.”

Every 30 seconds some one, some where in the world is undergoing an amputation, according the American Diabetes Association.

Most tragic, the majority can be prevented according to endovascular surgeon, Dr. William Julien founder of South Florida Vascular Associates, “As more people develop diabetes, amputations are becoming more common, yet 96-percent of them can be avoided. Unfortunately the vast majority of patients aren’t aware of that so they end up losing their limbs or worse yet, their lives.”
People at highest risk are diabetics, those with high cholesterol, heart disease and smokers.

The condition is known as critical limb ischemia (CLI). Simply put, plaque builds up in the arteries, seriously decreasing blood flow to extremities including the hands, feet and legs causing extreme pain and at worst, loss of limbs.

Joe, a diabetic and former smoker considers himself lucky. His podiatrist sent him to South Florida Vascular Associates where they specialize in treating CLI. Joe’s brother-in-law, also a diabetic was not so lucky. Joe says, “His podiatrist did not send him to experts like Dr. Julien and unfortunately his toes were cut off. We now know that could have been prevented.”

Endovascular surgeons at South Florida Vascular Associates take a multi-disciplinary approach to saving limbs and lives. Joe is a great example, they opened the blockages in his arteries then worked very closely with his wound care, infectious disease, and primary care doctors to make sure his wounds were properly healed”.

Using state-of-the-art ultrasound and angiogram technology, he first pinpoints blockages inside artery walls. Then an atherectomy procedure is done in which tiny rotating tools can pulverize and remove the plaque. If necessary, stents are used or angioplasty to re-open the arteries and restore blood flow to the limbs. In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is sometimes prescribed to help heal wounds faster.

It’s a crime to amputate when most of the time it can be prevented. The biggest problem is getting the word out and educating the public.

Joe is trying to help do just that, “These docs performed a miracle. I was in such pain, it was killing me and now I’m back to normal and I consider myself a very lucky man.”

Dr. Julien says, “We urge patients who are told that their limbs must be amputated to get a second opinion. By spreading the word we can significantly reduce the number of amputations from wounds that just won’t heal.”

If you are diagnosed with critical limb ischemia and are told you need your limb amputated, please contact one of our our offices to schedule a consultation with our board certified endovascular surgeons. We may be able to save your limb.