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Friday, July 26, 2013

Vascular Disease linked to Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s – Diet and Exercise Key

Eating healthy foods like lean proteins and vegetables and exercising regularly have always been the remedy for losing weight or reducing the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. A new study now suggests that same healthy combination may also delay or prevent the onset of dementia due to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

This study by researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is the first to compare the presence of cerebrovascular disease across the whole spectrum of neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers were surprised how strong the link is between vascular disease and dementia. Nearly 80% of Alzheimer's patients studied had some form of vascular disease.
There are currently no modifying therapies to change the course of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's disease. So based on this new research, promoting a healthy lifestyle especially in young people will likely help reduce the number of these patients in the future.

One of the most common vascular conditions is Peripheral Artery Disease or PDA when narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs. PAD is caused by the buildup of plaque in the arteries or atherosclerosis. Angioplasty and stenting are just some of the treatments that can be used to open the arteries and restore blood flow.

The doctors at South Florida Vascular Associates focus on vascular problems and treating them in minimally invasive ways. This rapidly growing area of medicine is known as interventional radiology. The minimally invasive techniques used by interventional radiologists often replace open surgical procedures. This means smaller incisions, less risk, less pain and shorter recovery time for patients.

Dr. William Julien is president of South Florida Vascular Associates. His unique practice allows for many patients to be treated right in his Coconut Creek office in a sophisticated endovascular surgery suite – one of the first of its kind in the country.

If you’re suffering from vascular disease, the doctors at SFVA can help. Contact us today for an evaluation from one of our board certified physicians. We have 3 locations for your convenience. Coconut Creek, Boynton Beach and Plantation, Florida. - (954) 725-4141.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If You Have Plans to Travel this Summer Be Sure to Keep Your Legs Moving to Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis

If you are traveling this summer, you might want to make sure you work in some leg stretches along the way. When you sit for any extended period of time, blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis, can develop deep inside the veins in the legs and they can become life threatening.
Deep Vein Thrombosis in Left Leg

Serious blood clots are typically more common after the age of 60, and are twice as likely to occur during long-distance travel. If a blood clot forms in the leg, it can potentially break off and travel up to the lungs where it can block normal breathing. This is called a pulmonary embolism and can be fatal if left untreated

To reduce your chances of getting deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism while traveling, you should:

•    Move your legs often in your seat
•    Do stretches by flexing and pointing your toes
•    Walk up and down the aisle
•    If traveling by car, stop every couple of hours and walk around for a few minutes.
•    Wear compression socks or stockings if you have a history of clotting or circulation problems
•    Discuss your travel plans with health-care provider
•    Stay well-hydrated during your journey

Since summer is a popular season for travel, make sure you know how to reduce your chances of deep vein thrombosis.

If you are experiencing pain and swelling in your leg and you suspect that you might have deep vein thrombosis please contact our office immediately to schedule an evaluation with one of our board certified endovascular surgeons. We have 3 convenient office locations Coconut Creek, Boynton Beach and Plantation, Florida. Contact us today at 954-725-4141.